While you focus on patient care, know that Medmax handles your complicated operational and analytical tasks. Our full range of services lets you take a sigh of relief!

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2. Mohsin Amin

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2. Mohsin Amin
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Mohsin is the Co-Founders of Medmax Technologies and has served as its Chief Operations Officer since inception in 2019.

He has over 10 years of experience in operations, information technology and business process management deploying his passion for developing innovative business architectures enabled by information technology. Mohsin is an Associate Partner in Construction Company and strives to change the way people think about construction by not applying the traditional methods but by bringing innovative techniques in Pakistan to improve the Real Estate industry. He received his Bachelor of Science in Economics & Finance from well reputed University. He is Certified Professional Medical Auditor (CPMA®), and Medical Practice Consultant.

Specialty CO-FOUNDER & COO
Degrees Economics & Finance
Work Days Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday