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Dealing With Aging AR Recovery Solutions?

AR Recovery Solutions

Accounts Receivable Recovery Solutions or AR Recovery Solutions  in healthcare is one of the most common issues, which often gets neglected. A rejected claim is unlikely to be reimbursed after a certain time has passed. This results in significant revenue loss if unpaid claims pile up with time. Healthcare practices lose thousands of dollars in aging RCM accounts receivable.


The best approach for Medical AR recovery solutions is to hire Accounts Receivable billing specialist companies. Following unpaid claims can be extremely time-consuming. Healthcare providers often give up on AR collections, but it’s not beneficial in the longer run. Your RCM medical billing process should be tweaked and fixed to prevent revenue leaks. 

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AR Follow Up

Medmax follows up on Accounts Receivable to rectify denied claims and achieve maximum reimbursement.

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Out of Network Negotiations

Medmax is expert in out-of-network negotiations to extract maximum profitability for the submitted claims.


Corrected Claims

Medmax re-submits claims if it needs corrections to avoid missing any revenue opportunity.

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Aging Reduction

Medmax tries its best to reduce aged claims and replace the freezed claims in a timely manner.

Medical AR Recovery Billing

Medmax Technologies is a medical billing company which covers a wide range of RCM services. We have a record of serving healthcare providers all over the USA for over a decade. Our satisfied
customers rely on us for all their medical billing and coding needs. We offer services like remote patient monitoring, credentialing and medical AR recovery as standalone solutions.


Our Receivable Recovery Solutions are customized to your unique circumstances. Our top priority is to pursue late, unpaid claims to resolve the matter before their expiry. Instead of jumping towards low-hanging fruit, we focus on getting reimbursement for low-dollar claims, which pile up to make a huge difference.
We promise to boost your revenue by a significant percentage by managing your RCM accounts receivable

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Monthly Avg Collection:

If billing percentage is 2.99% if billing percentage is 3.99% if billing percentage is 4.99% if billing percentage is 5.99%
Referral Pro 6% Referral Ultimate 4% Referral Pro 6% Referral Ultimate 4% Referral Pro 6% Referral Ultimate 4% Referral Pro 6% Referral Ultimate 4%


AR recovery solutions is the process of getting reimbursement from the insurance companies for the services rendered by medical providers.

It is the process of following up with the insurance companies on the denied claims and resubmitting them after fixing the issues, for maximum reimbursement.

You can reduce your medical AR recovery days by automating the AR process, making the payments easier, implementing strict payment terms, and incentivizing early payments.

The timeline between 30 to 70 days is normal in the AR process.

The three KPIs are the most important in an AR process: CCR (Clean Claims Ratio), net collections ratio, and days in the accounts receivable.

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